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We are based in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, West of Scotland & provide health care & occupational health medicine.

New treatment available if you need help reducing drinking.

Not an alcoholic, but know you should cut down on what you drink? Finding it a bit hard because of the kids, because of work, because of life or just because it's hard?

Scotland is the first country to start using a new medication which, along with psychological intervention, can help to reduce the amount you drink.

The beauty of this new treatment is that you can take it when you feel you'll need it. You can even start it when you're drinking.

If you want to cut down or stop drinking but are finding it hard to do, get in touch.

Drug and Alcohol Testing and Treatment Scotland

In a recent report it was estimated that as many as 1 million people will be at work at any one time with drugs in their system.  The most common drugs are Cannabis, Opiates and Cocaine. The most likely age group to test positive is the 25-34 year group and are likely to be several years into their careers, rather than at the beginning. This is likely to be an underestimate as, although there has been an increase in companies testing, many companies and businesses do not carry out any screening.

If you would be interested in carrying out a drug and alcohol testing programme, or discussing the practicalities, we can help. To reduce any inconvenience to your organisation, we can carry out testing at your workplace and, in many cases, will be able to provide you with instant results. We have many professionals from the field of alcohol and drug addiction and treatment who can offer expert help and advice.

We are able to provide drug and alcohol testing for you or your company and can run an on-going testing regime also. We can provide instant tests or we can provide laboratory results when required. We have an experienced multi-disciplinary drug and alcohol services team, including counsellors, nurses, psychologists and specialist pharmacists. We can cater for any requirement in addictions. We are also able to provide addiction treatments. We can provide you with a drug test individually if required. If you require a home alcohol detoxification we can provide treatment, counselling and monitoring.

Discretion in all matters is assured.

Private Alcohol Treatment Scotland

Whether you want to stop drinking completely or just reduce your alcohol consumption, we can help. At Workwell we use a combination of counselling and prescribing as part of a private alcohol treatment plan in Scotland. There is now medication available which can be used to reduce alcohol consumption as well as established medication to promote abstinence. We strongly adhere to a philosophy of adopting a joint approach with patients as this has been shown to have better outcomes and higher patient satisfaction.

Get in touch to find out more.


"For the last three years, we have offered our staff an opportunity to have a health check and Dr Steve Conroy has facilitated these for the organisation."

"We found the service provided by Dr Conroy to be comprehensive and professional and received very favourable feedback from participants, some of whom had been referred to their GPs for further investigation after receiving their health check."

"We would not hesitate to recommend Dr Conroy to other organisations"


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